Therapeutic Dentistry: the sphere of dentistry dealing with various diseases, prevention and treatment of functional and anatomical abnormalities (defects) of the mouth cavity and teeth, restoration of occurred defects and dental care. 

Endodontics: one of the spheres of therapeutic dentistry dealing with the treatment of diseases arising in the dental pulp (pulpitis, periodontitis and others.).

Prosthetic Dentistry: sphere of dentistry by special methods dealing with prevention and treatment of abnormal development, defects, anatomical and functional defects of the dentition. Modern prosthetic dentistry originates in the primary technology of dental prosthetics. Dentures used in prosthetic dentistry restore both the anatomical shape of denture defects, and its functions.

Pediatric Dentistry: sphere of dentistry dealing with the prevention and treatment of milk dentition and diseases that arise in mixed bite.

Orthodontology: Orthodontology is a specialized sphere of prosthetic dentistry dealing with the treatment of abnormalities of dentition.
Periodontics: Sphere of dentistry dealing with the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of periodontal membrane. 

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