Endoscopic urology

 Endoscopic examination and surgical services in Urology in comparison with other areas of medical science began quickly and achieved great success. Bond of most urological organs among themselves in different ways in urology greatly facilitates the implementation of endoscopy. Today in modern clinics of developed countries urology is composed of endoscopic surgical service. It became possible by endoscopic way to reach any organ of urinary system, conduct the operation.

Uronephrological Department of Republican Hospital named after A.N.Heydarov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was formed as a department, consisting of the endoscopy cabinet, equipped with the latest equipment, dressing room, department of distance shockwave lithotripsy, urological operating room meeting the European standards, and the availability of about 20 hospital beds. Doctors of the department are modern professionals with scientific degree, qualified in urological schools of Russia-Turkey-Europe with 15-20-30 years of experience. Three doctors of the department are members of the European Society of Urology.
Urological services currently provided by physicians of the department:

1. Open surgery
Surgical operations in the kidney and urachus (stone, tumor, plastic surgery)
Tumors, stones, bladder diverticula
Prostatic hyperplasia
Operations on the scrotum (hydrocele, varicocele, orchiectomy, orchidopexy)
Hypospadias, circumcision
Inguinoscrotal hernia
Incisional hernia

2. Endoscopic intervention
Cystoscopy, urethrocystoscopy
Closed surgery of the prostate (TUR, bipolar, monopolar)
Endoscopic lithotripsy of urachus
Installation and removal of the Double J catheter
Treatment of the narrowness of the urethra
Retrograde intrarenal surgery
Percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy

3. Male infertility
USD of male genital organs
Laboratory testing of urine, semen, prostatic fluid
Determination of sex hormones
Pathogenetic medical and physiotherapy treatment of the processes of chronic inflammation of the prostate, seminal sacs and scrotum (magnetic-infrared-laser treatment, interferent therapy, pneumomassage, electrophoresis, phonophoresis, rectal microwave therapy, cryotherapy, etc.)
Diagnosis and pathogenetic treatment of impotence
Transrectal puncture of the cyst, abscess of the prostate

4. Diagnosis of the uronephrological patients (clinical-laboratory-instrumental) and pathogenetic treatment (medicamentous and physical therapy in a wide aspect)
In recent years, doctors of Urology Department of the Hospital conducted about 1,000 endoscopic urological surgical operations.